Barbara Truzzi: Bio



Painter, singer (stage name Barbara O'Neil), composer, musician, vocal coach and writer.

She’s been painting since 2007 but began to exhibit publically in April 2015.

She has developed her own unique style ‘Painting from Feelings’ following her natural inspiration as a self-taught artist that led her to the great masters of abstract painting. It is painting from the silence of the mind, from the uniqueness of each moment, from the connection with the other and the collective unconscious, of which we are all part and from which we can all enrich ourselves, if we only place ourselves in a condition of open-mindedness to the emerging symbols.

Since November 2015, she has organized and taught workshops on ‘Painting from Feeling’.
She considers the arts (music, painting and writing) in all of their forms to be a tool for the evolution of consciousness and self-expression. In every event she organizes, the public are invited to take an active part in her artistic performances.
Her solo shows entitled ‘INTRECCI’ (Weaving) are by now quite renowned. The visitors may take part in painting and creating a co-authored collective artwork.


- 24th-26th May 2015 - Solo exhibition - Weaving - Bologna (Italy)
- 23th May-14th June 2015 - Collective Exhibition - Foof, nature and landscape in art -  Bologna (Italy)

- 13th-23th August 2015 - Collective Exhibition - Rosolina Ex-pone – Rovigo (Italy)
- 20th November 2015 - Solo exhibition - The Theatre of Novellara - Reggio Emilia (Italy)
- 12th-13th-19th-20th March 2016 - Solo Exhibition and Workshop of Painting from Feeling - Weaving - Ferrara (Italy)
- 16th April-13th May 2016 - Solo Exhibition - Weaving - Bologna (Italy)
- 08th May 2016 - Galà and Charity Auction - The Artistic Pinecone - Ravenna (Italy)
- 31th July-15 August 2016 - Solo Exhibition - Weaving - Monzuno Bologna (Italy)
- 05th-27th November 2016 - Solo Exhibition - Weaving - Loiano Bologna (Italy)
- 27th November 2016 - Live Painting Performance - Graffiti Night - Bologna (Italy)